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This is the Fair Game Outfitters blog. We’ll post a variety of articles, blog posts, and tips on the following topics:

  • North Carolina hunting.
  • Hunting culture.
  • News in the hunting world.
  • Bow hunting.
  • Hunting gear.
  • Stories from our hunts.
  • Weaponry.
  • Tree stands.
  • And more!

And if you have any hunting tips or stories you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. I’ve hunted with Fair Game Outfitters for three years now, and have enjoyed myself each time. The business changed hands in the summer of 2012, but the core staff has remained the same. The deer stands are well positioned and maintained, and there are a variety of stands, to satisfy every hunters comfort level. This is fair chase hunting, it’s not a fenced in Zoo, there are wood lots, fields, and crops. Like deer hunting everywhere, success depends on weather, temperature, moon phase, and breeding phase, if everything is right, your head will need to be on a swivel. The accommodations are top notch, and the meals are true Southern cooking, at it’s finest. I think you would have to go out of your way not to enjoy yourself. I’ll see you at the dinner table.


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