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Fair Game Outfitters has been excellent experience for the past two years that I have been coming. Very knowledgeable and helpful guides and great ownership makes my time in the lodge just as enjoyable as being in a stand seeing deer. I am already looking forward to next years trip.

                                                    -Brian Glanden, Virginia Beach VA

How do you improve perfection-well you did. The stands are better with positions and comfort. I had a great week of hunting. Saw 16 deer, 4 were shooters with big 4 points not included. I had a great time, good food and great, good food and great hunting. See you next  year. Thanks for everything.

                                                              -Zeke Havice, Lewistown PA

We had a terrific time! Dave was able to get his first deer ever and he had a great time, that was the major goal of the trip. This was a gift trip for Dave for a promise I had made him for the time in Iraq.

                                                                                   -Jim & Dave, PA

Fourth straight year here and fellowship is great and the cook is wonderful. You are blessed with Greg and Brian, the three of you are honest. Tony keep your sense of humor and how you minge with the hunters. I have killed 7 deer here in the past 4 years. Happy to be a reference.

 - Dave Runk aka “Runkie”, Lewistown PA

Thanks for a great time. Lodging was first class and the food was super. Your guides were very helpful and worked very hard to make my stay a real pleasure. Lord willing I plan to return.

                                                                  -Chick Kisby, Linwood NJ

Thanks for providing us with a great hunt and even better time overall. The food and lodging was top notch and the hunting properties were awesome. Thanks for your hard work to provide us a quality experience. It was a blast.

                                                              - Ray Featherman, Colorado


Having worked with other outfitters in the past, I can say that this operation is top notch.!!! Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction. During my recent Muzzleloader hunt I did not shoot a deer. I had the opportunity to shoot lots of does and saw loads of smaller Bucks, I shot at and missed a nice 8 pointer. No Excuses, I MISSED.. My fault, not theirs. I’ll be back to try again.

      – Al LaFrance


I had an incredible 5 day hunt with Ron as our guide and Mike as our host. Base camp, you couldn’t have been more comfortable at home. The hunting was a great success with our group of 5 guys harvesting 5 nice North Carolina Bucks. Thank You.

-Tom Cottone Jr.

I would like to thank Fair Game Outfitters for a great hunt. I took my two sons ages 14 and 12 for a 3 day hunt. The guides did a wonderful job placing them in stands and taking the extra steps to ensure that they were properly secured with new safety harnesses that they provided. My 14 year old harvested a very nice 7 pt buck, a doe and a very respectable 8 pointer. My 12 year old had several opportunities to harvest a doe or buck, but his buck fever got the best him. The hunting was great with many very nice bucks around.

-Tom Jauss

Although I could only get away for three days, I still harvested 2 eight point bucks (one will be mounted). We saw deer every day. Your accommodations and customer care are top rate and the food was great. Hunted with other outfitters in NC and can say that your operation is equal to or ahead of them all. Thanks again for the “lifetime” memories. See you at the show in February.

- Bill McGlone


I hunted the 3rd week of October. The hunt was great. My group saw deer every day, and someone saw a buck every day. My group harvested a 6 pointer and a doe, and had a miss.  We all could have taken deer but we were being very selective. The stands are safe and secure, along with comfortable, and placed in good spots with good shooting lanes. The lodge is first class, and the food is out of this world. ( I gained 5 lbs) !!! 

- Kenneth Whildin

I had great time in an awesome lodge. You couldn’t ask for a better setting for start to a good time and great hunting trip when you enter the lodge. Then there is the food i don’t even eat that good at home man o man that is some good eating this comes from someone who likes to eat!!! The blinds are well maintained and yes there is corn out there believe it there is corn out there. I will be going back come hell or high water.  Well I guess I will have to come to the show to get my tube and seat from you see yah there . One other thing people might want to bring is a range finder if you are distantly challenged like me!!!!

- Paul Wildasin

I’ve hunted in a lot of different states and this is the first time I ever made up my mind before leaving the town that I hunted in that was coming back the next year.

- Rich Clute

The facilities are relatively new (only a few years old) and fully equipped – several bathrooms, huge kitchen and dining area, separate bedrooms for the hunting groups, large TV room, huge deck, and handicap accommodations. Our hunting group of four slept in the same room and the beds were somewhat close, but there was plenty of storage space for gear and clothing. The accommodations were very comfortable with ample room. We didn’t find ourselves tripping over anyone in the morning or evening, although the lodge was full most of the week. Safety and hunting rules were clear and were thoroughly reviewed as soon as everyone had arrived at the beginning of the week. Breakfast was continental-style – cereal, English muffins, oatmeal, fruit, etc which worked out well since the groups were getting up at different times and hurrying through breakfast to get out in the fields. Drop-offs and pick-ups were on time, and trails back to stands were well marked – I walked in the dark a good distance (seemed at least a quarter mile) through winding paths in woods near a swamp to one stand without any difficulty. The sun was somewhat of a problem in one or two stands, but I realize that you don’t always have an ideal position for a stand that works for both morning and evening, and generally the visibility from the stands was very good. Fair Game Outfitters has access to quite a bit of land and rotates the areas hunted. Everyone had at least one opportunity at a deer. Both my brother and I had several opportunities – I passed up one opportunity on the first day, then later in the week missed one and got one. End-of-day meals were outstanding and were more than I could eat. Meals included turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans and ham, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, collard greens, baked ham, fried okra, beef stew over rice with mixed vegetables, and ribs (and I mean RIBS!). Desserts included pecan pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, and other assorted pies and cakes. Meals were served when everyone returned to camp so we ate late, but it was always a good end to a long day. I have an extensive background in quality going back to Rickover’s Navy nuclear program, and I audit quality management systems for a living, so I’m not easily impressed. However, these guys did it right. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to do it again.

- Kevin Kimmel

I shot three bucks on a 5 day hunt Monday a 6 point, Wednesday an 8 point, and then on Friday I shot a great 10 point that scored 125 and 6/8. It was the hunt of a life time! I love going down there. I’m only 15 so I haven’t hunted at any other outfitter, but I’m sure that this can’t be beat. I am already missing the food, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to go back.

- CJ Trigger